Friday, 26 August 2011

A Meeting of Worlds Part III

These are the five pieces of art Carlos M Burgos and Jonathan Ramirez created. Combining the traditional hand drawn with the digital. Created via long distance in London and Dallas. Combining two artistic visions. Art has no boundaries.

These pieces were shown for the first time on Saturday 20th August at the debut Contemporary Gallery in London, England. Together with three new pieces by Carlos M Burgos and three pieces by Jonathan Ramirez, showing their work as individuals alongside their collaboration pieces. The exhibition was called 'World Within Worlds'. 

A total of five pieces of work were created, each of which are available as a limited edition Giclee print of five. Printed on high quality 100% cotton museum grade Canson Aquarelle paper.

November Rain - 2011 - 71x51cm
One - 2011- 71x55cm
For What It's Worth - 2011- 71x54cm
Bullet With Butterfly Wings - 2011- 71x54cm
Boot Camp - 2011 - 51x75cm

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