Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Amsterdam Showcase 2012

On Saturday 1st of December I'll be exhibiting in Amsterdam at the international exhibition of contemporary art called Amsterdam Showcase. This amazing exhibit will be held in the historic building, De Oude Kerk.

De Oude Kerk ('The Old Church') is the oldest building in the city and was built around 1300. This church eventually grew in to the impressive medieval monument known today.

The Old Church isn't just used as a place of worship, but also as a concert hall, wedding venue, and exhibition and reception area. It is called Amsterdam's living room. This has always been the case: Fishermen repaired their nets, Sweelinck played the organ, and Rembrandt took out his marriage licence here. Generations of Amsterdam’s citizens, including the naval hero Van Heemskerck, are buried in this European monument.

Amsterdam Showcase
De Oude Kerk
1012 GX Amsterdam

10am - 9pm

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Escatologia featured in Catapult Magazine

Escatologia - Jonathan Ramirez / Carlos M Burgos

An epic digital art piece I had the honour of collaborating on with Jonathan Ramirez as part of his series of works titled 'The Mayan Prophecy', has been published in Catapult art magazine issue #15 on pages 102 - 103.

This piece is called Escatologia which is the spanish term for eschatology based on the greek word éskhatos: 'last' and logos: 'study'.

I worked on two pieces with Jonathan and provided a backdrop for his Mayan Warriors. This is an example of some of my digital art which together with Jonathan's digital genius we were able to create this modern vision of Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent and the awakening of an ancient civilization.