Monday, 30 May 2011

An invitation to hang out with 'The Birds'

Come and hang out with some birds of a slightly different feather. My surreal taking on the term 'birds' and its use in the english language, drawing inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's cult classic 'The Birds'. I'll be showcasing some of my work alongside work from over 40 other artists across all fields at the DEBUT Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill, London.

Come along and have a fun evening. (details below)

Wednesday 1st of June
82 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RT

1st June Preview event at Debut Contemporary from 6-9pm

Debut Contemporary are holding an event on Wednesday the 1st of June from 6-9pm as part of our monthly events programme, designed to mix business with pleasure in a 'creative networking environment'. Following on from last month's Artists meet Collectors event featuring an Auction for the Jennie & Jessie Gunhammar Lupus Trust led by Hugh Edemeades, this time we are introducing Artists to Curators at our trendsetting Artistic Laboratory gallery space on Westbourne Grove.

The gallery presents a colourful international flavour with some fantastic artists from Brazil, Greece, Poland and Berlin joining Debut Contemporary from June. Celebrating their arrival on the preview night, there will be live performance, exciting new Contemporary Art and a great atmosphere as always.

Please find your E-Invitation attached. All are welcome. Please confirm your attendance via
For more information on the programme or any of the artists involved visit


Friday, 20 May 2011


Lechery (detail)
I took a while in putting this up as it was supposed to be featured in an art magazine first. Alas due to difficulties the magazine was having with printers etc it has been delayed considerably.

So here it is! I present to you "LECHERY". Done on plywood with oils and subtle glazing techniques. I've had this idea dancing around my head for a good few years so it's good to see it finished finally.

I teamed up with my good friend script writer Paul Angunawela (director of Keith Lemon's Fit DVD), and wrote a short piece for this painting. You'll find it below. A short narrative that I think complements the image and its story.

LECHERY (60 x 100cm Oil on Wood)

Empty words, empty expressions, screens, handsets, receivers.
Cables, interfaces, empty promises...

Emotions...delete.... not found.
New directive....1] self gratification above all else.
Exchange needed....searching...
Locating all services required / need / want....
Prime directive 1] self gratification above all else.
No ties....connect only...
Displaying results....
File found:

* "The dream is always the same.

Serial memory : 1 001 10

We dine, dance, eat a little more, leave early.

Drinks on a balcony, a sonic peppered vista below. she turns and laughs at my joke. we fall into an embrace.

Move as one.

Morning light escapes and warms her dark curves, illuminates the love i am in. My fingers, the tips, caress the gentle hairs on her sleeping body. I hear bird song.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

I remember those days of old. Romance, i think they called it.

With an 'ahhhhh'

Her breathing, her trust, her desire to stay with me, awakens my soul. I want to cry, laugh, entwine my nervous system with hers. Mind meld.

Not for long. I can hear footsteps. Boot clunks.

Slipping in, slipping out.

The dream is always the same.

But for the record, reality is a vulgar nightmare."

File end.
Continue program....
Always online....stealth mode....24/7.
No complications.....
Keep distance... target....
Initiating... obligation.
Feel....nothing.....path not found.....but....
System online...
Initiating neurotransmitter...
Initiating Dopamine.... 50%.....100%....increase....levels: high. aftertaste or glitches.
Input, more input....more....require...need....WANT.....MORE...
Possess ...... 

◆Carlos M Burgos
*Paul Angunawela

Lechery (detail)