Thursday, 30 September 2010

Retro Photos on my iphone 3Gs

A One Chance Only Moment...

Having taken some much deserved time off for myself, I had time to play with a really cool iphone app called HIPSTAMATIC. Camera phones are never a replacement for a really good camera, but because of their size and convenience can be useful and produce some nice impromptu shots when walking around etc.

HIPSTAMATIC is an application for the iphone that emulates the old retro camera effects or toy cameras with cheap plastic lenses. These by accident used to produce some interesting results.

Within the application you can change the lenses for different effects and also the type of film for different borders etc. You can also purchase additional lenses and films within the app.

What i liked about it it was also what sometimes you may hate about it, the fact that you don't know what you are going to get, if you don't like the result then you wont always get another chance. Once you have missed that moment, its gone.

It also takes a while to process your photo and ready itself up for the next shot and really drains your battery. But having said all this I really had fun using it as the results are a far cry from the sometimes charmless 'perfect' digital photo results.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The T-Shirt


 And here's the initial concept for the T-Shirt I've named "MY INNER CHILD"... well, at least one of them anyway.

YOUR inner child sits in a compartment driving/controlling/guiding you via joystick and levers, he peers out through a door with an opening. I'm liking this concept and have a few variations I'm still playing with, you never know, I might go with all of them and you get to pick which one you like (^_^)

I want to put a few toys behind the childs chair so any suggestions are welcome and I'll consider maybe putting them in.

Also there's still time to join in on the print giveaway i'm having over on Facebook, just follow the link below.

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Facebook Print Giveaway has started

To show my appreciation to you all, I would like to give you a 12" x 16" mounted print of one of my favorite paintings "HOODIES".
All you have to do is leave a comment or a 'like' on this picture on my Facebook fan page and I'll randomly select one of you on Monday 20 September.

There are also 2 additional gifts up for grabs as well. A print of "OUT OF JUICE" and a signed copy of my Art Book.

 Follow the link below:

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Inner Child & Other Ideas

A while back I had an idea for a T-shirt. A few days ago I seriously started scribbling and thinking about it more. For the moment I wont say exactly what it is but I'm calling it 'My Inner Child'.

It's developing well and will come in two versions, boy or girl. I really can't wait to have it done and wear it and show it to you! I'm going to make this available online and hopefully others will like it and want to wear one. You'll be seeing more of this soon.

Slightly gross, I know...
 The fleshing out of other ideas is also on the menu, working titles:

'Sick of Me'
'Staring at the Sun'
'Getting a Tan'

Really trying to stay productive with my ideas lately so stay posted.

I will also be giving away two prints on Facebook, starting tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

OZONE -The final sketch

OZONE - colour

Two days late but I have managed to finalize my idea despite a week of distractions, obligations and flu. I went with this pose and decided to give her a bottle of sun lotion, probably factor 5000!

I scanned this drawing from my sketch book and opened it in Photoshop on my laptop, roughly adding and playing with colours until I was satisfied. Doing this can sometimes save a lot of time and effort and is very convenient as it allows me to rehearse, plan, play and try out many possibilities and variations without having to re-draw the whole image again and again.

This is pretty much the blueprint for the painting including the colour scheme. During the process of painting I'll continue to develop little details as I go along, making any adjustments I think necessary.

OZONE - final sketch

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sketches & considerations

Through the distractions of daily living and what not,  the idea for my "Ozone" painting is taking shape.

I have been playing with poses and angles for the main figure. This usually drives me a bit mad as there can be so many alternatives and there's a tendency to over think things (at least for me anyway) and I get rather impatient. I find that usually my first imagining of the image is best but there are exceptions. It just has to feel right to me.

These are some of the considerations I have been exploring. I want something simple but also dynamic maybe, so I'm also playing with low angle views, adding perspective to the figure and drawing attention towards the sky. However, I also like the simple straight forward eye level view...