Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Inner Child & Other Ideas

A while back I had an idea for a T-shirt. A few days ago I seriously started scribbling and thinking about it more. For the moment I wont say exactly what it is but I'm calling it 'My Inner Child'.

It's developing well and will come in two versions, boy or girl. I really can't wait to have it done and wear it and show it to you! I'm going to make this available online and hopefully others will like it and want to wear one. You'll be seeing more of this soon.

Slightly gross, I know...
 The fleshing out of other ideas is also on the menu, working titles:

'Sick of Me'
'Staring at the Sun'
'Getting a Tan'

Really trying to stay productive with my ideas lately so stay posted.

I will also be giving away two prints on Facebook, starting tomorrow.

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  1. Me gusta lo que haces, pero no te molesta si te sugiero algo ma para la camiseta.