Sunday, 29 August 2010

Defining an idea for a painting

Having recently discovered becoming unwittingly quite good at procrastination, I feel the need to relinquish this tendency and hang it up to dry and watch it shrivel up.

What better way to do this than by trying to finish developing an idea I had for a painting over a month ago. An old yellow post-it note was the medium for the quick expression of this sudden flash of inspiration of mine, an idea of something that I believe has potential.

Alas this is where it all ends, a yellow piece of paper with instructions in blue ball point pen to what could be a really cool painting.

So through this blog I give myself a week in order to define this imagery and concept.

The idea? "OZONE" A tongue in cheek view of the ever disappearing ozone layer and its effects, sun tans, skin cancer and sun worshiping beach babes.

A woman in a bikini stands with hands on hips looking towards a sky with meteorites or debris falling from the sky. Her head and shoulders are literally on fire, flames surrounding her head like a match. Almost a satire of sun lotion ads etc.

And so I begin...