Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Amsterdam Showcase 2012

On Saturday 1st of December I'll be exhibiting in Amsterdam at the international exhibition of contemporary art called Amsterdam Showcase. This amazing exhibit will be held in the historic building, De Oude Kerk.

De Oude Kerk ('The Old Church') is the oldest building in the city and was built around 1300. This church eventually grew in to the impressive medieval monument known today.

The Old Church isn't just used as a place of worship, but also as a concert hall, wedding venue, and exhibition and reception area. It is called Amsterdam's living room. This has always been the case: Fishermen repaired their nets, Sweelinck played the organ, and Rembrandt took out his marriage licence here. Generations of Amsterdam’s citizens, including the naval hero Van Heemskerck, are buried in this European monument.

Amsterdam Showcase
De Oude Kerk
1012 GX Amsterdam

10am - 9pm

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Escatologia featured in Catapult Magazine

Escatologia - Jonathan Ramirez / Carlos M Burgos

An epic digital art piece I had the honour of collaborating on with Jonathan Ramirez as part of his series of works titled 'The Mayan Prophecy', has been published in Catapult art magazine issue #15 on pages 102 - 103.

This piece is called Escatologia which is the spanish term for eschatology based on the greek word éskhatos: 'last' and logos: 'study'.

I worked on two pieces with Jonathan and provided a backdrop for his Mayan Warriors. This is an example of some of my digital art which together with Jonathan's digital genius we were able to create this modern vision of Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent and the awakening of an ancient civilization.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tea at the New Artist Fair

Beauty Fades - 13x20cm (2012)
I know, it's been a while but sometimes time is not ones friend which it most certainly hasn't been in my case. However I have been busy further developing my tea stained art and preparing new pieces to be unveiled at the New Artist Fair which returns this September in London's Brick Lane with over 40 artists of all genres, styles and mediums. The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane will be hosting this exciting event.

I have prepared smaller more affordable works lately measuring just 13cm X 20cm as well as slightly larger works too. These have all been made using Tetley tea bags and Twinings rasberry & strawberry tea. No paint has been used, only the teas staining hues and properties. The only additional materials used are pencil, ballpoint pen or white ink.

Tetley & Twinings Tea
 You're all welcome so please pop on down and support this great event and the artists exhibiting including my good friends Darren MacPherson and Marina Jijina with whom I've exhibited a few times before. Check out the full list of artists at the fair here: LINK

New Artist Fair
14-16 September 2012
The Old Truman Brewery, F Block T2
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
Opening Reception: Friday 14th September 6-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am-7pm

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lady Snowblood (修羅雪姫)

'Shura-Yuki-Hime' - (tea, pencil, biro & white ink on card)

My latest tea stained piece brings you the beautiful 1970's Japanese actress, Meiko Kaji from the cult classic movie 'Lady Snowblood' (original Japanese title 修羅雪姫, Shurayukihime). A 1973 Japanese film directed by Toshiya Fujita. It is based on a manga comic called Shurayukihime.

The title of this piece is 'Shira-Yuki-Hime' which is the name of the main protagonist. This has to be one of my favourite movies in my collection, fantastic story of tragedy, great imagery and swordtastic action.

Shurayukihime (修羅雪姫) – meaning “carnage snow princess” – is a pun on Shirayukihime “white snow princess”, usually referring to Snow White, and is translated for this classic film as “Princess Snowblood”.

It was also a major inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, which borrows plot, characters, visual motifs and settings. In particular the character O-Ren Ishii is based on Lady Snowblood. The scene in which The Bride fights O-Ren Ishii uses a snowy landscape that echoes scenes in Lady Snowblood. The theme song, "Shura No Hana", sung by Meiko Kaji (translated by Tarantino as "The Flower of Carnage") is also used in Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Art Takes Times Square

Art Takes Times Square from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

A few months ago I entered the 'Art Takes Times Square' competition. Guess what? I got through to the final!

Art Takes Times Square scoured the globe for today's greatest creative talents to identify one artist whose work will be displayed in a massive exhibition on the glittering screens of Times Square. Tens of thousands of artists joined this international phenomenon, contributing works that received over 2 million page views through the course of the competition.  

On Monday June 18th, works by thousands of artists, including myself, will be displayed on bright LED screens (9 ft x 12 ft) located on Broadway and 43rd Street. 

One Grand Prize winner will be revealed at the Art Takes Times Square billboard premiere.

So if you're in New York please stop by! 

View Map: Here

The Times Square Billboard Premier Event

Date / Time : Monday June 18, 2012
7pm - 10:30pm
Location : Times Square NYC
Broadway between 43rd Street and 44th Street
Special Performance by : Twin Shadow

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's Time Got To Do With It?

Details of 'Pathos' triptych

I'll be showing my triptych 'Pathos' this Friday 25th May at Core@Nolias Gallery, London. A chance to see this set of three rare pastel works from 1998. A little sample in the picture above.


Core@Nolias Gallery

Press Release:  17 May, 2012

‘What’s time got to do with it?  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.’

An artist’s life isn’t easy; you know the repeated rejections and vagaries of style which come and go faster than designers parading on a catwalk.  A-side B-side Gallery in London’s east side, recently celebrated rejection with an exhibition of works which had been, Rejected.  The title, says it all.
Independent artist and curator, Jane Boyer, invites the artists of Rejected, to ask ‘What’s time got to do with it?  In an unusual move of inviting artists from one show to continue in another of a different, but related theme, Boyer has continued the celebration of rejection to include a second chance for work which has passed its ‘use by’ date.  “All of us have work we’ve shoved in a corner and is gathering dust because we feel it’s no longer current,” says Boyer.  “But who decided that,” she continues, “a work of art is best judged by other criteria not the artificial limitation of a date.”
On the heels of Rejected, a show celebrating rejection at A-side B-side Gallery, comes ‘What’s time got to do with it?’ a show which removes the artificial  limitation of a creation date at Core@Nolias Gallery.  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.
Exhibiting Artists:
Bartosz Beda, John Bingham, Simon Kennedy, Hitomi Kammai, Amber Sinclair-Ray, Banu Colak, Carlos M Burgos, Rabia Aqeel, Melanie Ward, Caroline Money and Nikova Behling, Tinsel Edwards, Catherine Magnani and Jane Bolden, Francesca Alaimo, Mickey Dell and others.
Core@Nolias is part of South London Art Map last Friday tours.  Next tour will be 25 May.
Show Dates:  25 May to 06 June, 2012
PV:  25 May, 5 to 9pm

For more information on the exhibition, contact Jane Boyer at / +33 546704225 until 22 May / 07561333028 after 23 May.

Core @ Nolias Key Information:

Gillian Best Powell (for gallery info)
+44 (0)798 6564926 


Core @ Nolias Gallery
60 Great Suffolk Street
London SE1 0BL 


Wed – Fri, 12 noon to 6pm
Sat – Sun, 12 noon to 4pm
or by appointment

Find Us:

Nearest Tube:  Southwark Jubilee Line
Nearest British Rail:  Waterloo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My day at The Other Art Fair

I must say I really enjoyed myself at The Other Art Fair last Saturday. I made my way to Ambika P3 on Marylebone Road and over to the Fabelist Marketplace at stand 186 where as part of their programme of activities I would be giving a masterclass-workshop.

Luckily I had enough time to go exploring before giving my workshop/demo. I walked through the mazes of white walls each demanding the attention of the eyes with the array of art hanging on them.
Some stood out more than others reaching beyond the retinas and straight to the soul. Artists beside their work and open to interrogation under the spotlight of the public lamp.

The atmosphere was great and not as stuffy as some events can be, relaxed and fun. Lots of bite size arty activities for the public such as the Cass Art Live Art Space and their drawing salons and wall. giving curated tours of the fair and the Fabelist Marketplace giving workshops, meet the artist talks, performances, art and even sensory experiments courtesy of The Edible Art Movement. These and many more.

I enjoyed visiting many of my other friends exhibiting at the fair and entering their mini worlds of art on display in their spaces, Beth Nicholas, Gloria Ceballos, Rosie Emerson, Kate Night, Hormazd Narielwalla, Sam Shendi, and Vikram. Finally meeting other members of the Fabelist collective and how incredibly supportive they all are with each other made me proud to stand alongside them.

Fabelist artists exhibiting at the marketplace were Chantal Powell, Tahnee Lonsdale, EC, Raj Kaur, Pernilla Iggstrom, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Polly Bagnall, Nicola Anthony.

After my workshop I stayed on and with a calmer demeanour walked around again as once is not enough to take it all in and still I managed to miss things. The smiles on the faces of my Fabelist brethren and of director Francesca Goodwin made me not want to leave.

Workshops: Silvia Krupinska, Carlos Martyn Burgos, Rachelle Allen Sherwood.

 Meet the Artist: Nicola Anthony, Rosie Emerson, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Ash Fitzgerald, Raj Kaur, Pernilla Iggstrom.

Entrance to The Other Art Fair
Right to Left: Francesca Goodwin, Director of Fabelist & artist Zoe Catherine Kendall
Giving my masterclass-workshop
Giving my masterclass-workshop ii
My drawing on the Cass Art wall

Making my mark - Cass Art art wall

Monday, 14 May 2012


Four skulls painted by Swedish artist Larsa Bondén

I wanted to share with you these four awesome skulls painted by Swedish artist Larsa Bondén. These four paintings are part of the collaboration between Larsa and artist Jonathan Ramirez who is based in Dallas, Texas.

The result of this collaboration will be unveiled as part of the exhibition 'Mayan Prophecy' which opens on the 18th May at gallery WAAS, Dallas.

Read more about Mayan Prophecy collaboration HERE

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Workshop at The Other art Fair

The Fabelist collective will be presenting a pop up market place curated exclusively for The Other Art Fair, London's newest art fair that delivers an open platform to connect art buyers of all tastes and experience directly with the most talented emerging artists before they are signed.

It runs from 10th - 13th May at Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1. Get your tickets here.

Fabelist artists will be showing their work and whilst you view, interact and learn from a series of performances, talks and master-classes from artists such as The Edible Art Movement, Polly Bagnall, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Nicola Anthony, Rosie Emerson, Ash Fitzgerald, Raj Kaur, Carlos M Burgos, Chantal Powell, Pernilla Iggstrom, Silvia Krupinska, Rachelle Allen Sherwood.

As part of this collective, I will be giving a workshop on Saturday 12th May, 2pm - 3.15pm.

I'll be carrying out a drawing exercise in imagination and creativity. Using everyday objects we will be looking at them differently and putting aside their original function and size etc and letting our own imagination combine them to create new mechanical creations bringing them to life.
The bug in the picture above was inspired and made from a watch and its strap and the nib of a ballpoint pen which then grew wings, eyeballs and insect characteristics.

Follow the link for the Fabelist Marketplace programme of activities:
Fabelist Programme

A chat with Director of the Fabelist Francesca Goodwin on plans for The Other Art Fair: LINK

Monday, 30 April 2012

"REJECTED" - An exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery

I'll be showing a piece at the A-side B-side Gallery in London on Thursday May 3rd for a show called 'REJECTED'. A great show exploring art and rejection. (Read the press release below)

I'll be exhibiting alongside Darren MacPherson, Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton with whom I've been privileged to have shown work with before in Los Angeles, Orange County and at Debut contemporary Gallery, London and at The Fabelist's Imprint Exhibition earlier this year.

The piece I'll be showing is a collaboration with digital artist Jonathan Ramirez that I did last year, one of five pieces we worked on. Jonathan will be having his first major solo show in Texas on the 18th May called 'Mayan Prophecy', where we have collaborated on a further two original pieces of artwork including a collaboration with Swedish artist Larsa Bondén which will be shown at WAAS Gallery.


A-side B-side Gallery presents: Rejected
Private View: Thursday May 3rd 6-9pm
5-9 Amhurst Terrace

Artists frequently get rejections from shows and competitions; rejection is part of what being an artist is all about. 

Often an exhibition will have a curatorial concept and the work just simply doesn’t fit the theme, in competitions the judges are subjective and essentially select what they like.  Current trends in the art world might make the work more or less desirable not forgetting the provenance of the artist themselves...

‘Rejected’ seeks to celebrate rejection, through a united force of artists getting together to valiantly display their previously rebuffed work.  The exhibition aims to dispose the issue of whether each individual piece is indeed lesser than that of its contemporaries.  Following an open call, every single proposal to the Rejected exhibition was accepted.  Alongside their rejected artwork, each artist will openly display a list of previous rejections from galleries, competitions and art schools. 

Exhibiting artists:
Alexander Heaton | Amber Sinclair-Ray | Ana Schefer | Banu Colak | Barrie J Davies | Carlos Burgos | Caroline Money | Caroline Tobyn | Catherine Magnani | Claire Atkinson Cos Ahmet | Darren Beatty | Darren Macpherson | Dave Anderson | Enver Gursev Francesca Alaimo | Georgie Grace | Gulzor Sultanova | Hitomi Kammai | Holly Revell Ingrid Berthon-Moine | John Bingham | Kelda Hole | Laura Harvey | Linda Schliebitz Lucas Lobo | Marcus Downe | Marianne Shorten | Melanie Ahmed | Melanie Ward Nadeem Chughtai | Nickova Behling | Oliver Lassalle | Paul Matosic | Peter Cabocky Rabia Aqeel | Simon Kennedy | Tinsel Edwards | Twinkle Troughton

Following the hugely successful launch, a Dazed & Confused feature and live radio interview, A-side B-side presents the first of a series of curated shows from its 2012 exhibition programme.  

Private View: 6 - 9pm 3rd May
Exhibition will run for two weeks, last day Sunday 13th May
Opening times: Thurs – Sun 12 – 6pm & by appointment
For further info or images contact: +447792126195 & +44787634029

Monday, 16 April 2012

Artist of the Month: Darren MacPherson

April is here and spring is in the air, the weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. To get us in the mood I want to share with you the colourful, vibrant, powerful and energetic work and mindset of this months artist of the month, London based artist Darren MacPherson.

Self Portrait - oil pastel on canvas 12" x 9"

"My aim is to communicate energy, passion and desire." 

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I've always painted and drawn, although I never went to art school, its just always been a part of my life. I had my first child at 24 and painting took a back seat for the next 10 years, returning with sporadic notoriety on occasion. In 2005, after a trip to New York, it just sort of clicked in my mind and I thought, now or never. So I started to seriously paint, about 3 years ago I decided I wanted to paint for a living which is what I’ve been doing for the last 18 months or so.

How would you describe your work?

Fundamentally its neo-expressionism. Colour plays a huge role in my painting. I have a strong interest in people and the human condition, so my work can be described as figurative, but there’s often more going on than a viewer may first notice. I often use text and layer upon layer of paint. My aim is to communicate energy, passion and desire.

What does being creative mean to you?

Exploring parts of ourselves that have been forgotten or have been latent. We are creative by nature, society drives it out of us. I like to experiment creatively, pushing my own boundaries and those of the materials I’m using. I’m a painter, but what does that mean? Should I be confined to paint in a conformist way? I’m kind of into anti-art in the way that painters in 1980’s New York were.

What inspires or motivates you?

I’m heavily into dereliction, for example the layers of years of posters or graffiti on a wall; old peeling paint and so on. I find it a challenge to replicate this decay in a modern, contemporary way that is manipulated in a studio environment. I can be quite brutal with my work in order to try and make it as authentic as possible. I also seek inspiration from artists both well known and not so well known, it’s about tapping into that vein of creativity that lead an artist to create what they did and trying to learn from it.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I’m listening a lot to Outkast. They really fit their name as an outfit. They have a fantastic formula for creating original, off the wall tracks whilst maintaining a mainstream appeal. If it’s not Outkast then a whole range of music does it for me from Reggaeton to Moby, Pearl Jam to Tinie Tempah; gotta be loud though.

See more of Darren's work by visiting his website:
Follow him on Facebook.

Indian Yakuza 100cm x 100cm
Six Yakuza #2 100cm x 100cm
The Lyricist 100cm x 100cm
£6001 and it all dissapears 100cm x 100cm

Friday, 30 March 2012

Mayan Prophecy Collaboration

'Mayan Prophecy' is the title of digital artist Jonathan Ramirez's big show opening in May at the WAAS Gallery in Dallas, Texas. He'll be showing a new collection of work and among them are some collaboration pieces which myself and Swedish based artist Larsa Bonden have been working on with Jonathan.

I've been working digitally this time, with my trusty Wacom pen and tablet.

It's great to be working with Jonathan Ramirez again as we've already collaborated on five pieces of art back in August 2011, which were exhibited at Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill, London. It's also great to be part of his Mayan Prophecy with another artist I admire, Larsa Bonden who I featured here on my blog in February.

(Previous 2011 collaboration with J. Ramirez)

(Interview with Larsa Bonden)

(Interview with Jonathan Ramirez)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Spot of Tea?

Over the last few months I've created a series of drawings, painted, stained and splattered with tea bags. These were first seen and displayed as part of a project I was involved in by an arts collective called The Fabelist, at their IMPRINT exhibition. (Read more about the project here and in my blog post)

I use not only the tea as pigment but also the tea bag to create playful and spontaneous splatters and drops that try and complement the clean line work of the drawing in pencil and pen.

I enjoy the hues the tea produces and mainly its staining properties giving a used and vintage feel to the work. I build layers of splats and drops, fusing the natural pigment of the tea further into the paper as if time has ravaged the work and the hues change and the stains take a life of their own as the results can never be certain but always unexpected.

A cultural ritual of sorts also as tea for us british is a much sought after pause from our daily lives, a moment to reflect, to breath, to talk over, to energize or unwind. These drawings hold ideas and emotions to ponder and reflect upon, based on the world around us and how it stains and permeates over time, just like thoughts and ideas which have an impact on our minds and hearts.

(Facebook photo album)

Neko by Carlos Martyn Burgos
Neko, a photo by Carlos Martyn Burgos on Flickr.
Building Blocks by Carlos Martyn Burgos
Building Blocks, a photo by Carlos Martyn Burgos on Flickr.
It's Cold Outside by Carlos Martyn Burgos
It's Cold Outside, a photo by Carlos Martyn Burgos on Flickr.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Artist of the Month, March: Julia Volynets

March is here and with it we go to Belgium to meet the incredibly talented artist Julia Volynets as 'Artist of the Month'.

Julia Volynets

"Being creative for me means being alive"

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I am Julia Volynets, figurative artist specialized in etching, illustration, figurative painting and 3D-object.
I was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1976. My father is a painter and illustrator, my mother is an artist of tapestry .So I and my sister knew from our early childhood that art was our destination.
Art school, Art college, Academy of Fine Arts - I went through all these stages to my dream.
In 2002 I made the choice to follow my heart and moved to Belgium.
Since 2006 I am owner of ' KUNSTATELIER JULIA VOLYNETS' based in Sint-Niklaas/ Belgium and specializing in interior decorations.
Outside of my job I am busy daily with my creative work : painting, graphic, 3D-objects.

How would you describe your work?

My paintings are about the inner and external human beauty, emotions and moods.
I like to 'dissolve' the human silhouette in light of shadow so unimportant details are faded. I use the subtle colors, symbolic silhouettes,constructive compositions and an emotional atmosphere filled with philosophical reflection about an abstract personage and his perception of the world.
My 3D-objects I make in a playful way. I am excited by simple things like black-white rythms on convex shapes. My project MIMICRY is about the Highly Sensitive Persons which prefer to stay impersonal and fade in to the background.

What does being creative mean to you?

Being creative for me means being alive.

What inspires or motivates you?

Inspiration is everywhere : in animate and inanimate nature, in scents and sounds, in people and animals. Ideas are coming into your mind and heart through all of your six senses. You have only to select and personalize it.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I am listening to a lot of different things: old rock bands, classical, ethnic music, ambient. But sometimes I need silence to concentrate.

Find more of Julia's work on her website and follow her on Facebook:

Broken Doll 



Mimicry - Night

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Funky Art Exhibition

If you're in Oxford or fancy a day out this month, then pop along to The Funky Art Exhibition at The Jam Factory, where I'll be showing five of my paintings alongside work by fourteen other talented artists including my good friend Darren MacPherson.

The collaborative exhibition will showcase original and contemporary work by artists from the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

Exclusive opening event: Wednesday 7th March from 6pm - 10pm

Exhibition duration: 5th March - 2nd April 2012

The Jam Factory (opposite Oxford train station)
27 Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1HU

On speaking about the online gallery, founder Joelle Dinnage writes
"I choose the name The Funky Art Gallery as we are showcasing art that is urban & contemporary. We sell original funky art that is bold in colours, urban and sometimes provocative - our art stands out!”

SHADOW - 50cm X 123cm - oil on wood
Email or call Joelle Dinnage on +44(0)7825443925

Showcasing Artists are:

Marco Bieri (Switzerland)
HmmmBates (UK)
Pia Vang (The Netherlands)
Yuri Nagelkerke (The Netherlands)
Milly J (UK)
Jewel (The Netherlands)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Artist of the Month: Larsa Bondén

Every month I'll be introducing you to some great artists in a series of exclusive mini interviews in 'Artist of the Month' here at Me Make Stuff.

February brings you art from Sweden by artist Larsa Bodén.

"Im not a man of words..."

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

"I'm a 42 year old self-taught artist living in Sundsvall Sweden. I been drawing and painting on and off all my life, but it is in the last years that I find my own personal style and techniques".

How would you describe your work?

"Im working with acrylic paints on canvas. I never know when I start to paint what the final work is going to look like, but I think my art is just me and my thoughts painted on canvas".

What does being creative mean to you?

"Doing things you like or love to do!... not have to do!"

What inspires or motivates you?

"What inspires me?... Books, news, movies, music, feelings, moods, just life itself.
What motivates me?... Nothing It´s just something I have to do!"

What music are you listening to at the moment?

"When I paint I listen to Ramones or my childhood heroes Kiss. Otherwise its all kinds of music".

Find more of his work on his Facebook page and follow: Art by Larsa

"I'm Sorry, It Won't Happen Again"

"Last Breath"

"Mixed Emotions"

Monday, 30 January 2012

IMPRINT - A Fabelist Exhibition

'Simple Man' detail of my tea stained drawing

The Fabelist's exhibition IMPRINT opened on Friday 27th at The Serpentine Centre For possible Studies, London. For the last few months I have been part of an artist's collective called The Fabelist, working on our individual responses to the 'Imprint' theme. I created a set of new work and together with 29 other artists creations we unleashed them on to the public.

The visionary and talented young woman behind the exhibition and director of The Fabelist is Francesca Goodwin who also curated the works.
"I have a firm belief that art should be in conversation with the surroundings that it is exhibited in. I have seen with the Fabelist group how artistic practice is a really strong adhesive to building communities and I want to share that message with a wider public audience- to give people the opportunity to access contemporary art at whatever level they can identify with".
 You can read an interview with Francesca Goodwin about the project, her goals and inspirations at

Read more about Fridays festival of curiosities in this great write up by Nicola Anthony on her blog HERE.

The exhibition runs until the Friday 3rd February. 21 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HR. 1pm - 6pm.

Chantal Powell, Hormazd Narielwalla, Abigail Box, Cassandra Batterby, Carlos M Burgos, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Dean Melbourne, EC, Raj Kaur, Nicola Anthony, Emilie Pugh, Anthony Boswell, Ryan Seslow, Nikki Schiro, Tamsin Relly Twinkle Troughton, Katie Ann Edwards, Matthew Lewis, Carrie May, Tahnee Lonsdale, Polly Bagnall, Darren MacPherson, Luke Thompson, Joshua Raffell, Francesca Goodwin, Laura Evelyn, Sarah Stewart, Tinsel Edwards, Sarah Perry.

Find out more about the works here: LINK

Photo by Frederick W T Thiede

Banquet by The Edible Art Movement

Festival Musicians 

Poppy's Paper Doll Parlour