Monday, 5 March 2012

The Funky Art Exhibition

If you're in Oxford or fancy a day out this month, then pop along to The Funky Art Exhibition at The Jam Factory, where I'll be showing five of my paintings alongside work by fourteen other talented artists including my good friend Darren MacPherson.

The collaborative exhibition will showcase original and contemporary work by artists from the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

Exclusive opening event: Wednesday 7th March from 6pm - 10pm

Exhibition duration: 5th March - 2nd April 2012

The Jam Factory (opposite Oxford train station)
27 Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1HU

On speaking about the online gallery, founder Joelle Dinnage writes
"I choose the name The Funky Art Gallery as we are showcasing art that is urban & contemporary. We sell original funky art that is bold in colours, urban and sometimes provocative - our art stands out!”

SHADOW - 50cm X 123cm - oil on wood
Email or call Joelle Dinnage on +44(0)7825443925

Showcasing Artists are:

Marco Bieri (Switzerland)
HmmmBates (UK)
Pia Vang (The Netherlands)
Yuri Nagelkerke (The Netherlands)
Milly J (UK)
Jewel (The Netherlands)

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed looking at the many wall paintings that you have done. Not being very handy with a paintbrush, even though
    I know what I like in the way of art, I took the easier option to order this canvas print from the site .

    It’s an unusual work called Forest music 1, by Remedios Varo Uranga, a Spanish-Mexican woman artist.