Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fit as a Lemon

Keith Lemon & Deanne Berry
Just wanted to share with you all some work I did a few months back. I was asked to do some quick concept art for Keith Lemon's new fitness DVD "Keith Lemon's Fit", featuring the lovely Deanne Berry from the hit music video 'Call on me' by Eric Prydz. Very satisfying to see they followed the outfit I gave him in the sketch and polished off the titles I designed for it as specified in the brief. Had a good chat with the Director Paul Angunawela developing and discussing ideas, it also helps when your old friends. It was a pleasure working with him again and some of you may know that he contributed some writing to my Art Book last year.

I was pleasantly surprised to get the thumbs up from the man himself via a phone call. "Fanks alot Keif, nice one!".
Released on DVD through Lionsgate on November 22nd 2010.
Watch a brief video from your lifestyle guru... Mr Keith Lemon courtesy of
Original video link here

Monday, 15 November 2010

Against Interpretation

"Against Interpretation" was the title of the 1st Visual arts exhibition of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival 2010, which has now come to an end. This ran alongside the selection of theater performances from El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.

Against Interpretation was an exhibition that "eludes the disparity of contemporary Latin American culture to show unified works whose momentum is so rapid, whose address is so direct that the work can simply be…. It is showcasing exciting Latin American, London based artists", such as:

Carlos Martyn Burgos (El Salvador )
Marina Cobra (Brazil)
Marcelo Duchen Rodriguez (Bolivia)
Ofelia Diaz, (Venezuela)
Juan Carlos Farah , (Peru)
John Angel Rodriguez (Colombia)
Otto Schade (Chile)

Curated by Nina Brazzo and Diana Aramayo
A powerful image by Chilean artist Otto Schade

A great piece by Colombian artist John Angel Rodriguez

On the opening night, curator Ninna Brazzo dedicated an amazing poem written by herself to all the artists participating. I wanted to share it here as I think it's beautifully written and expressed.

Against Interpretation

Nina Alexia Brazzo Curatorship dedication to the artists:

The Time Of Times Will Come

These are times of more medicines
But less healthiness
More conveniences
But less time
More knowledge
But less judgement

When there is much in the window
But nothing in the room
Surpass the idea of content
Rise above the perennial interpretation.

No more poisoned sensibilities
No more revenge of the intellect
No more article for use
To the loss of sharpness in our sensory experience

Is this you?
Is this me?
Is this humanity?

This is not a gesture of the mind situated in some timelessness realm of capabilities
Attain alertness
Dispel the separateness
We can be together
Joint because under the creator we are one
Within boundaries we find expansion

Fighting the nafs of the subconscious
Yearning to return back to our innocence
Direct yourself to me
Free yourself from the itch to interpret
Freedom. Happiness. Simplicity.
Cultivate inside and out
Elude the otherness of contemporary culture and

clearing up...

Monday, 8 November 2010

CASA Theatre Festival 2010

I've been asked to participate in, CASA Theatre Festival 2010. Four of my pieces have been chosen and I will be representing El Salvador along side other visual artists from other Latin backgrounds.

CASA Visual Arts Gallery 

Opening - 10th November, 5.30pm-7pm

supported by Cusqueña

For the duration of CASA Festival 2010, Oval House Theatre Gallery hosts some of the most exciting emerging Latin American visual artists and photographers working in the UK.

Please feel free to come along to the Oval House Theatre, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW.

Following successful CASA Theatre Festivals in 2007 and 2008, CASA returns with its most ambitious festival yet to celebrate the very best of contemporary Latin American theatre.

With a one week festival programme that boasts original performances from four brilliant award-winning companies from Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador and Uruguay all making their UK premieres, CASA offers Londoners a unique opportunity to discover the incredible riches of Latin American theatre.

The main programme will be supplemented events across London as well as by CASA Nuestra, a scratch mini-festival to discover the best Latin American talent working in the UK today as well as free live music every night, playreadings, spoken word events, visual arts exhibitions and much more.

 All shows performed in Spanish with English subtitles.

Tues 9 & Weds 10 November 7.45pm
Timbre 4, Argentina

A man talking on the telephone watched by a young woman frowningAs five lonely characters search for love, they are drawn together in a way that will shatter the lies by which they live. Both heart-breaking and very funny, Tercer Cuerpo has become one of Argentina's biggest international theatre hits.

Tercer Cuerpo has won awards across the world including Argentina's National Theatre Award for Best Show, the Maria Guerrero Award for Best Play, and at the Teatro del Mundo Awards, it won Best Actor and Best Writer awards.

 Tues 9 - Thurs 11 November 8pm
Teatro del Alhambra, Uruguay

 From one of Uruguay's most revered theatre makers, Eduardo Cervieri, this critically acclaimed play recounts the life and works of Cabrerita, aka Raul Javiel, Uruguay's most important 20th Century visual artist and intellectual.

A story of a great personal journey and a paean to the power of art to make us dream.

Cabrerita has won awards across Latin America including Uruguay¹s National Theatre Critic's Florencio Awards for Best Actor and Best Play.

Thurs 11 November 7.45pm

Discover the very best UK-based Latin American theatre makers and tell us who you want to see at next year’s CASA 2011 Latin American Theatre Festival!

We’re giving six Latin American companies and/or artists who live and make work in the UK the chance to share a new project with you! Each company has 15 minutes to inspire you, to delight you, to move you with a new piece of work.

Then it’s your turn as we all move to the Oval House Theatre Cafe where you’ll have a chance to tell them (and us) exactly what you thought over a Latin American drink or, for the shy or very critical amongst you, anonymously through secret feedback forms!

Fri 12 November 8pm,
Saturday 13 November 3.30pm & 8pm
La Reaglo Teatro, El Salvador

A photo of Latin American actor Rene Lovo on stage 
Based on Eduardo Pavlovski's Argentine masterpiece Potestad, this powerful new play explores the disappearance and kidnapping of children during a Latin American dictatorship.
Hard hitting, moving, and tender, this is political theatre at its very best.

La Regla's Rene Lovo is one of El Salvador's most respected actors and has toured throughout Europe and Latin America.

Fri 12 November 7.45pm,
Sat 13 November 4pm & 7.45pm
Teatro del Presagio, Colombia

A man in a large cap holding a telephone to his ear while an arm appears out of the table in front of himAcefalos (Acephalous: 'without a head') is a visually arresting physical theatre piece from one of Colombia's most exciting experimental theatre companies. The show explores the very particular phenomenon of violence in Colombia today.

Acefalos won Director Diego Fernando Montoya the Best Director Award at the 6th Cali National Theatre Festival.

Sat 13 November 11am - Late
1pm: Latin American Lunch!
3.30pm: El secreto mas terrible
4pm: Acefalos
4.30pm: El secreto mas terrible Q & A FREE
5.30pm Cloten: an Argentine clown show 7.45pm Acefalos
8pm El secreto mas terrible
9.15pm CASA Closing Party FREE