Monday, 5 September 2011

London Art makes a splash in LA

FLAG STOP at Torrance’s South Bay Lexus dealership
Some of my work has been showing in Los Angeles the past few days in the London Art Box  - a London ‘micro-gallery’ in which 13 of London’s most exciting and ambitious emerging artists have been invited to prepare a special exhibition for the landmark LA event, FLAG STOP”. Featuring the works of more than 100 of the nation’s top artists and curators. 
Tim Gratkowski, came up with the idea of using large white PODS® containers as micro galleries 
FLAG STOP is dedicated to presenting the best curated examples of what, why, and how art is relevant today,” said Tim Gratkowski a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist. “The PODS® containers are perfect self-contained portable art galleries that allow us to showcase ground breaking contemporary art in a very unusual setting outside of mainstream art venues.” 
Three of the 13 artists, Nicola AnthonyAbigail Box and Kimi Wylde, flew over to help curate the work and to represent the group of Debut Contemporary artists. Here is a little video of Nicola introducing the London Art Box:

The Flagstop event has recieved mentions in LA Weekly, Easy ReaderNews, Art Weekly, LA's Business News and a number of other art magazines in California with news that we have now been invited to exhibit at  OCCCA museum in Orange County this December.
LA is overwhelmingly positive about London Art Box, and we have already been introduced to the key figures here who are also very excited about our work, the space, and the concept –  Tim Gratkowski – FLAG STOP DIRECTOR, curator Howard Fox, artist Bob Zoell, Joella March influential art figure and curator at OCCCA, the curators of Torrance Art Museum, Peter Frank art critic, the distinguished Bernard Fallon from the FLAG STOP board, and LA Journalist Bondo Wyszpolski. 

Journalists turn up to snap the LAB 

My Peep Hole box: "UGLY"