Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fit as a Lemon

Keith Lemon & Deanne Berry
Just wanted to share with you all some work I did a few months back. I was asked to do some quick concept art for Keith Lemon's new fitness DVD "Keith Lemon's Fit", featuring the lovely Deanne Berry from the hit music video 'Call on me' by Eric Prydz. Very satisfying to see they followed the outfit I gave him in the sketch and polished off the titles I designed for it as specified in the brief. Had a good chat with the Director Paul Angunawela developing and discussing ideas, it also helps when your old friends. It was a pleasure working with him again and some of you may know that he contributed some writing to my Art Book last year.

I was pleasantly surprised to get the thumbs up from the man himself via a phone call. "Fanks alot Keif, nice one!".
Released on DVD through Lionsgate on November 22nd 2010.
Watch a brief video from your lifestyle guru... Mr Keith Lemon courtesy of
Original video link here


  1. Wow, i watched his interview in 'loose women' yesterday when he was presenting his DVD and how amazing now to know that you had a lot to do with it!!! well done babe! adriV


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