Monday, 18 April 2011

The Art of Mark Sibley

LUCY - oil on various canvases - 200cm x 171cm
I wanted to show you some of the fantastic work artist Mark Sibley produces.
I first saw his work when we exhibited together in a group show at The Brick Lane Gallery, I was fascinated by his drawings and the almost photographic nature of his images made up of intricate patterns that vary throughout. His portraits sometimes intricately made up of many canvases put together, each one different and isolating a part of the subject but at the same time speaking out to you visually all together in perfect harmony.
MR GREENBLAT b.1915 - oil on canvas 61cm x 61cm

These are carefully planned works, intricately executed, precise and beautifully laid out. The tonal ranges in his pen and ink drawings made up of well thought out patterns and mark making. Despite his precision it never loses its playfulness and expression which I personally enjoy about his work.
BOBBIE - pen and ink

Currently he has an online virtual exhibition entitled "DECONSTRUCTION" at for the next few months.
Just click on the link above and download the 'web player' plug-in to experience this 3D gallery. Or copy this address:
 You can also visit his website:

I hope you enjoy looking at his art as much as I have. (^_^)

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