Monday, 30 January 2012

IMPRINT - A Fabelist Exhibition

'Simple Man' detail of my tea stained drawing

The Fabelist's exhibition IMPRINT opened on Friday 27th at The Serpentine Centre For possible Studies, London. For the last few months I have been part of an artist's collective called The Fabelist, working on our individual responses to the 'Imprint' theme. I created a set of new work and together with 29 other artists creations we unleashed them on to the public.

The visionary and talented young woman behind the exhibition and director of The Fabelist is Francesca Goodwin who also curated the works.
"I have a firm belief that art should be in conversation with the surroundings that it is exhibited in. I have seen with the Fabelist group how artistic practice is a really strong adhesive to building communities and I want to share that message with a wider public audience- to give people the opportunity to access contemporary art at whatever level they can identify with".
 You can read an interview with Francesca Goodwin about the project, her goals and inspirations at

Read more about Fridays festival of curiosities in this great write up by Nicola Anthony on her blog HERE.

The exhibition runs until the Friday 3rd February. 21 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HR. 1pm - 6pm.

Chantal Powell, Hormazd Narielwalla, Abigail Box, Cassandra Batterby, Carlos M Burgos, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Dean Melbourne, EC, Raj Kaur, Nicola Anthony, Emilie Pugh, Anthony Boswell, Ryan Seslow, Nikki Schiro, Tamsin Relly Twinkle Troughton, Katie Ann Edwards, Matthew Lewis, Carrie May, Tahnee Lonsdale, Polly Bagnall, Darren MacPherson, Luke Thompson, Joshua Raffell, Francesca Goodwin, Laura Evelyn, Sarah Stewart, Tinsel Edwards, Sarah Perry.

Find out more about the works here: LINK

Photo by Frederick W T Thiede

Banquet by The Edible Art Movement

Festival Musicians 

Poppy's Paper Doll Parlour

Monday, 23 January 2012

Good Vibes From California

The 'London Calling' show at the OCCCA in Orange County, California came to an end on the 12th January after several weeks of hosting and curating a taster of the London art scene which seems to be popping up all over the art world lately. This time with the work of 29 artists working in different disciplines.
“London Calling is a great compact survey of what’s going on in contemporary art in London at the moment” said art visionary and visitor to the show William Moreno, who is president of the board at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood Boulevard.
I was pleased to be showing two of my 'Peep Hole Boxes' which visitors of the gallery seemed to enjoy interacting with and giving in to their curiosity and peeping in. Also being exhibited was my lyric/text based drawing 'For What It's Worth'.

Photo by Stephen Anderson
Photo by Stephen Anderson
My Drawing alongside Nicola Anthony's book piece
We've had some great feedback and responses from the show, here are a few:

“Nice to see a new International flavor represented in Orange County” ~ Tm Gratkowski (Artist / Curator / Flagstop,  Director)  

“Great exhibition from the UK,  my favorites were Nicola Anthony’s text piece “David Copperfield” and Carlos Burgos sculptural pieces.” ~Michael Chomick (Artist / Sculptor)
“London Calling”   is a refreshing POV expressing contemporary British youth culture.
The exhibition is filled with a compelling array of artwork embracing themes from pop to political,  retro to hipster and figurative to abstract.” ~ Sasha Darling
“ I came here to OCCCA see the work of my friend Carlos Burgos and was delighted with the entire “London Calling” exhibition.”  ~ Kyriakos
I enjoy OCCCA and attend many artist receptions here – The “London Calling” exhibition is awesome – I especially loved the text Portraits created by text artist Nicola Anthony and also the interactive installation created by text artist Sylvia Morgado.” ~ Joni  (Santa Ana based Artist / Dancer from The Santori Building)
Take a virtual tour and navigate your way around this exhibition by following this link.
Photo by Tahnee Lonsdale
Photo by Stephen Anderson