Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's Time Got To Do With It?

Details of 'Pathos' triptych

I'll be showing my triptych 'Pathos' this Friday 25th May at Core@Nolias Gallery, London. A chance to see this set of three rare pastel works from 1998. A little sample in the picture above.


Core@Nolias Gallery

Press Release:  17 May, 2012

‘What’s time got to do with it?  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.’

An artist’s life isn’t easy; you know the repeated rejections and vagaries of style which come and go faster than designers parading on a catwalk.  A-side B-side Gallery in London’s east side, recently celebrated rejection with an exhibition of works which had been, Rejected.  The title, says it all.
Independent artist and curator, Jane Boyer, invites the artists of Rejected, to ask ‘What’s time got to do with it?  In an unusual move of inviting artists from one show to continue in another of a different, but related theme, Boyer has continued the celebration of rejection to include a second chance for work which has passed its ‘use by’ date.  “All of us have work we’ve shoved in a corner and is gathering dust because we feel it’s no longer current,” says Boyer.  “But who decided that,” she continues, “a work of art is best judged by other criteria not the artificial limitation of a date.”
On the heels of Rejected, a show celebrating rejection at A-side B-side Gallery, comes ‘What’s time got to do with it?’ a show which removes the artificial  limitation of a creation date at Core@Nolias Gallery.  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.
Exhibiting Artists:
Bartosz Beda, John Bingham, Simon Kennedy, Hitomi Kammai, Amber Sinclair-Ray, Banu Colak, Carlos M Burgos, Rabia Aqeel, Melanie Ward, Caroline Money and Nikova Behling, Tinsel Edwards, Catherine Magnani and Jane Bolden, Francesca Alaimo, Mickey Dell and others.
Core@Nolias is part of South London Art Map last Friday tours.  Next tour will be 25 May.
Show Dates:  25 May to 06 June, 2012
PV:  25 May, 5 to 9pm

For more information on the exhibition, contact Jane Boyer at / +33 546704225 until 22 May / 07561333028 after 23 May.

Core @ Nolias Key Information:

Gillian Best Powell (for gallery info)
+44 (0)798 6564926 


Core @ Nolias Gallery
60 Great Suffolk Street
London SE1 0BL 


Wed – Fri, 12 noon to 6pm
Sat – Sun, 12 noon to 4pm
or by appointment

Find Us:

Nearest Tube:  Southwark Jubilee Line
Nearest British Rail:  Waterloo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My day at The Other Art Fair

I must say I really enjoyed myself at The Other Art Fair last Saturday. I made my way to Ambika P3 on Marylebone Road and over to the Fabelist Marketplace at stand 186 where as part of their programme of activities I would be giving a masterclass-workshop.

Luckily I had enough time to go exploring before giving my workshop/demo. I walked through the mazes of white walls each demanding the attention of the eyes with the array of art hanging on them.
Some stood out more than others reaching beyond the retinas and straight to the soul. Artists beside their work and open to interrogation under the spotlight of the public lamp.

The atmosphere was great and not as stuffy as some events can be, relaxed and fun. Lots of bite size arty activities for the public such as the Cass Art Live Art Space and their drawing salons and wall. giving curated tours of the fair and the Fabelist Marketplace giving workshops, meet the artist talks, performances, art and even sensory experiments courtesy of The Edible Art Movement. These and many more.

I enjoyed visiting many of my other friends exhibiting at the fair and entering their mini worlds of art on display in their spaces, Beth Nicholas, Gloria Ceballos, Rosie Emerson, Kate Night, Hormazd Narielwalla, Sam Shendi, and Vikram. Finally meeting other members of the Fabelist collective and how incredibly supportive they all are with each other made me proud to stand alongside them.

Fabelist artists exhibiting at the marketplace were Chantal Powell, Tahnee Lonsdale, EC, Raj Kaur, Pernilla Iggstrom, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Polly Bagnall, Nicola Anthony.

After my workshop I stayed on and with a calmer demeanour walked around again as once is not enough to take it all in and still I managed to miss things. The smiles on the faces of my Fabelist brethren and of director Francesca Goodwin made me not want to leave.

Workshops: Silvia Krupinska, Carlos Martyn Burgos, Rachelle Allen Sherwood.

 Meet the Artist: Nicola Anthony, Rosie Emerson, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Ash Fitzgerald, Raj Kaur, Pernilla Iggstrom.

Entrance to The Other Art Fair
Right to Left: Francesca Goodwin, Director of Fabelist & artist Zoe Catherine Kendall
Giving my masterclass-workshop
Giving my masterclass-workshop ii
My drawing on the Cass Art wall

Making my mark - Cass Art art wall

Monday, 14 May 2012


Four skulls painted by Swedish artist Larsa Bondén

I wanted to share with you these four awesome skulls painted by Swedish artist Larsa Bondén. These four paintings are part of the collaboration between Larsa and artist Jonathan Ramirez who is based in Dallas, Texas.

The result of this collaboration will be unveiled as part of the exhibition 'Mayan Prophecy' which opens on the 18th May at gallery WAAS, Dallas.

Read more about Mayan Prophecy collaboration HERE

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Workshop at The Other art Fair

The Fabelist collective will be presenting a pop up market place curated exclusively for The Other Art Fair, London's newest art fair that delivers an open platform to connect art buyers of all tastes and experience directly with the most talented emerging artists before they are signed.

It runs from 10th - 13th May at Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1. Get your tickets here.

Fabelist artists will be showing their work and whilst you view, interact and learn from a series of performances, talks and master-classes from artists such as The Edible Art Movement, Polly Bagnall, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Nicola Anthony, Rosie Emerson, Ash Fitzgerald, Raj Kaur, Carlos M Burgos, Chantal Powell, Pernilla Iggstrom, Silvia Krupinska, Rachelle Allen Sherwood.

As part of this collective, I will be giving a workshop on Saturday 12th May, 2pm - 3.15pm.

I'll be carrying out a drawing exercise in imagination and creativity. Using everyday objects we will be looking at them differently and putting aside their original function and size etc and letting our own imagination combine them to create new mechanical creations bringing them to life.
The bug in the picture above was inspired and made from a watch and its strap and the nib of a ballpoint pen which then grew wings, eyeballs and insect characteristics.

Follow the link for the Fabelist Marketplace programme of activities:
Fabelist Programme

A chat with Director of the Fabelist Francesca Goodwin on plans for The Other Art Fair: LINK