Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's Time Got To Do With It?

Details of 'Pathos' triptych

I'll be showing my triptych 'Pathos' this Friday 25th May at Core@Nolias Gallery, London. A chance to see this set of three rare pastel works from 1998. A little sample in the picture above.


Core@Nolias Gallery

Press Release:  17 May, 2012

‘What’s time got to do with it?  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.’

An artist’s life isn’t easy; you know the repeated rejections and vagaries of style which come and go faster than designers parading on a catwalk.  A-side B-side Gallery in London’s east side, recently celebrated rejection with an exhibition of works which had been, Rejected.  The title, says it all.
Independent artist and curator, Jane Boyer, invites the artists of Rejected, to ask ‘What’s time got to do with it?  In an unusual move of inviting artists from one show to continue in another of a different, but related theme, Boyer has continued the celebration of rejection to include a second chance for work which has passed its ‘use by’ date.  “All of us have work we’ve shoved in a corner and is gathering dust because we feel it’s no longer current,” says Boyer.  “But who decided that,” she continues, “a work of art is best judged by other criteria not the artificial limitation of a date.”
On the heels of Rejected, a show celebrating rejection at A-side B-side Gallery, comes ‘What’s time got to do with it?’ a show which removes the artificial  limitation of a creation date at Core@Nolias Gallery.  Art once created with passion deserves a second chance for the limelight.
Exhibiting Artists:
Bartosz Beda, John Bingham, Simon Kennedy, Hitomi Kammai, Amber Sinclair-Ray, Banu Colak, Carlos M Burgos, Rabia Aqeel, Melanie Ward, Caroline Money and Nikova Behling, Tinsel Edwards, Catherine Magnani and Jane Bolden, Francesca Alaimo, Mickey Dell and others.
Core@Nolias is part of South London Art Map last Friday tours.  Next tour will be 25 May.
Show Dates:  25 May to 06 June, 2012
PV:  25 May, 5 to 9pm

For more information on the exhibition, contact Jane Boyer at / +33 546704225 until 22 May / 07561333028 after 23 May.

Core @ Nolias Key Information:

Gillian Best Powell (for gallery info)
+44 (0)798 6564926 


Core @ Nolias Gallery
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