Tuesday, 7 September 2010

OZONE -The final sketch

OZONE - colour

Two days late but I have managed to finalize my idea despite a week of distractions, obligations and flu. I went with this pose and decided to give her a bottle of sun lotion, probably factor 5000!

I scanned this drawing from my sketch book and opened it in Photoshop on my laptop, roughly adding and playing with colours until I was satisfied. Doing this can sometimes save a lot of time and effort and is very convenient as it allows me to rehearse, plan, play and try out many possibilities and variations without having to re-draw the whole image again and again.

This is pretty much the blueprint for the painting including the colour scheme. During the process of painting I'll continue to develop little details as I go along, making any adjustments I think necessary.

OZONE - final sketch

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