Thursday, 30 September 2010

Retro Photos on my iphone 3Gs

A One Chance Only Moment...

Having taken some much deserved time off for myself, I had time to play with a really cool iphone app called HIPSTAMATIC. Camera phones are never a replacement for a really good camera, but because of their size and convenience can be useful and produce some nice impromptu shots when walking around etc.

HIPSTAMATIC is an application for the iphone that emulates the old retro camera effects or toy cameras with cheap plastic lenses. These by accident used to produce some interesting results.

Within the application you can change the lenses for different effects and also the type of film for different borders etc. You can also purchase additional lenses and films within the app.

What i liked about it it was also what sometimes you may hate about it, the fact that you don't know what you are going to get, if you don't like the result then you wont always get another chance. Once you have missed that moment, its gone.

It also takes a while to process your photo and ready itself up for the next shot and really drains your battery. But having said all this I really had fun using it as the results are a far cry from the sometimes charmless 'perfect' digital photo results.