Sunday, 3 October 2010

"MY INNER CHILD" is getting impatient.

Developing the Concept...
Here's a quick update on "MY INNER CHILD" T-Shirt concept.

Seriously looking in to ways of getting these printed once the design has been completed to make it available to all who want one at a good price and good quality. Been looking around and in some places the cost is too high, especially as it's printed on both sides.

Due to time not being as abundant as I would like, I'm still playing with the design and colours etc, I can be a tad obsessive with certain things as I know what I want. Anyway, I will be concentrating on getting the design done and dusted the next couple of weeks. I don't see this as a simple T-shirt idea, it has many other options as I mentioned in a previous post. A choice for Girl or Boy as well as other details and personalization options, but all in good time.

See the full concept here

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