Thursday, 21 October 2010

Toys Galore!

As you can see I finally put toys in! I highlighted them in white so you can see them. Placing them has been time consuming as I didn't want to throw off the composition. For now this is it, but whether it will stay THIS way... I still don't know. The girls toys seem nicely cluttered, but not to much. The  composition of the boys toys still needs a little more tweaking.

The layout of the front of the T-Shirt is pretty much done, you can see this in the mini video I put up in my previous post. Once the final layout is done for both sides of the T-Shirt, I can then work on cleaning it up and maybe add some colour. (Video Link)

That's it for now folks!


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  1. We want T-shirts! We want T-shirts! What do we want...? ;]