Wednesday, 31 August 2011

London In Los Angeles

On September 2nd a brand new alternative art event will be opening in LA. FLAG STOP!

Many high profile LA based curators and art industry types are taking part in the event including Lily Siegel who is a Curatorial Assistant at 'The Museum of Contemporary Art', Los Angeles and Howard Fox who is Emeritus Curator of Contemporary Art, 'Los Angeles County Museum of Art' amongst others.

Also participating in this event is London Art Box (LAB), a London ‘micro-gallery’ in which UK artists have been invited to prepare a special exhibition for this landmark LA art event, FLAG STOP. Showcasing  artists from London’s Debut Contemporary. 

As part of the Debut Contemporary collective I was selected with 11 other artists to represent the UK at this exhibition. The exhibition is being held on the grounds of a Lexus showroom. On the choice of this setting for the exhibition Flag Stop says:

"FLAG STOP’s mission is to present new and emerging contemporary art to a larger audience outside the mainstream art venues. FLAG STOP is searching for alternative venues in which to present the best curated examples of what, why, and how art is becoming relevant today. Each “STOP” will feature art which has been curated with some of the best examples of contemporary art, brought to you by some of the top professional, emerging curators and artists from Southern California."

My work will be there as well as a few artists from Debut heading across the pond to make the presence of the art work and our gallery space known to everyone as ambassadors during the three days it is on.

This will be my US debut, so I'm very excited. I'll be showing three pieces, 'For What It's Worth', and two of my peep hole boxes 'Ugly' and 'Loss'.

For What It's Worth (2011)

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