Friday, 26 August 2011

A Peaceful Game Of Chess

Thanks to all those that participated on Saturday 20th August at the 'World Within Worlds' event, where people got all artistic and helped create a work of art live in the gallery window at Debut Contemporary based on my design.

Each were given a section to draw and this was then pieced together to form a bigger picture. The result?
A riot policeman and a hoodie having a nice game of chess, in response to the recent London riots. Created by the people, for the people...

Here are the individual sections lovingly made by those that participated. In the space of a few minutes they became artists, were discovered and then had their work displayed in a posh gallery in Notting Hill!

Paul. B

Raquel. B


C. M. B
Claudia. P

Duncan. C

C. M. B

C. M. B
Rob. M

Stephanie. O

C. M. B

Kevin. N

C. M. B

Gabriela. P

Johanna. S

Sandra. O


Sylvia. M
Tiffani. A

Robert. V


Sandra. O

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