Sunday, 20 November 2011

Storyboarding Keith Lemon: The Film

Lionsgate UK together with producing partners Generator Entertainment, have begun production on and is now filming a new comedy feature film starring Keith Lemon from 'Celebrity Juice' as well as a few celeb cameo's.

Keith Lemon: The Film, is a comedy about Keith following his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He comes to London from Leeds, becomes an overnight billionaire then loses it all before finding the road to redemption. 

Over the last few weeks I've been doing some storyboarding for this production together with the films director, Paul Angunawela who also co-wrote the script together with Leigh Francis, creator of 'Bo Selecta'.

Paul Angunawela and me have worked together before, not only on another Keith Lemon project in 'Keith Lemon's Fit' DVD and other projects, but he has also written some unique pieces of work based on and drawing inspiration from some of my art work. These pieces of writing are featured in a limited edition art book of mine. You can also find a piece we collaborated on entitled 'Lechery' here.

In a statement Keith Lemon said:
"It's a privilege to have the power of sight, hearing, touching and feeling. But to make a film which I am going to be able to see myself in, hear myself in, but unfortunately not touch or feel myself in (because it's not in 3D) is even more'rer'rer of a privilege."

Read about my work for 'Keith Lemon's Fit' here. Link

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