Thursday, 17 March 2011

An Empire Reborn part I

I wanted to share a little bit of work I've been doing recently for London based Bolivian rapper Indio Lyrico (myspace page)

The concept is a mix of civilizations or cultures, London in ruins along side the ancient Aztec/Mayan pyramids. It's not meant to be anthropologically or geographically accurate, just a little bit of fantasy. I'll be showing you the full image very soon.

This is a bit different as its a combination of traditionally hand drawn work with digital painting and rendering. I wanted to show you a little bit of the process involved in the making of this image. The abilities you have for drawing or painting are transferred to the digital canvas using a digital brush as its basically the same. In this case I use a graphics tablet and pressure sensitive pen and software called Corel Painter. This program simulates all types of traditional art mediums and the possibilities are up to you and your ability in using them. A bit of getting used to is the eye-hand co-ordination. I prefer drawing traditionally on paper, so thats where I start.

This is the initial composition sketch to use as a guide to start from.

After thinking about perspective and proportions etc, the idea and layout develops a bit further, but its basically the same still.

Spatially it continues to take shape and become more defined... Also good visual references are a must. This is now the base for the entire picture.

I continue to draw and then add a bit of tone and scan it.

Once scanned I open it on my computer and continue to build it up and make adjustments by painting digitally. Adding light and shade and continuing to render the image with the digital brush. 

There you have it, a very quick and brief overlook at some of the process involved.

more to come soon. 

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